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Work From Home

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Watch Live HD TV channels from U.S., Canada, U.K., and Mexico on TV streaming and mobile devices worldwide

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Your favorite movies on demand are coming soon along with other incomparable subscription upgrades

Over 1,200 Live HD TV CHANNELS

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What people are saying...

  • I dropped cable TV it cost too much money
  • Satellite was a pain
  • Every two years I was switching companies and chasing promotions to lower my bill
  • I reduced my cable and added several streaming services to save money, it didn't work for me 
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  • Change


    Meaningful change

    Millions will continue and drop satellite and cable TV with increasing numbers in search of a better home and mobile entertainment value and service experience

    Many people have dropped satellite and cable TV because of the higher cost

    There is a small number of companies that monopolize internet and cable TV services.These companies will continually increase the cost of your service

    You will always end up paying more no matter what you do unless you change

    Numedia is the Solution

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  • $ 49.95

    No hassle subscription

    You only pay $ 49.95 to subscribe month to month

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