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NUmedia has a channel line-up that is unbelievable.

There is nothing to compare it to.  

# 1,604 Live HDTV : A&E , BET, Discovery, CBS Food Network...

# 48 Entertainment English: CINEMAX, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZS, SKY CINEMA...

# 26  Music w/ video: ALTERNATIVE, ROCK, COUNTRY, HIP HOP...


# 7 Pay-Per-View: UFC FIGHT PASS...  

# 10,326 Videos on Demand and more...






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What people are saying...

  • I dropped cable TV it was too expensive.
  • Satellite was a pain.
  • Every two years I was switching services and chasing promotions to lower my bill.
  • I reduced my cable and added several streaming services to save money, it has not worked.
  • I would try anything, if I could get the programming that I wanted at a lower price. 
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    NUmedia understands that delivering movies, favorite shows, premium and sport channels on TV streaming and mobile devices has changed the way millions receive their entertainment.

    Many consumers are dropping cable TV because of the higher cost and reduced channel packages.The customers that stay with cable will continue to pay more and continue to get less.

    Changing to NUmedia is painless when compared to the cost of subscribing to and paying for satellite, cable TV and multiple streaming services.






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